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Event Details

Beat the Streets Human Trafficking Event
Lexington Village Theatre, Lexington, MI
Monday, January 1, 0001 - 12:00 AM
Remedy Drive - An Alternative / Rock group that uses the power of music and lyrics to shine a light on the fight against modern day human trafficking while highlighting the work of Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road. The band's current album, Commodity, is inspired by the courage of ordinary people in history today fighting against injustice, contains songs of freedom, hope and refuge. "The Exodus Road" is an abolitionist group that the band is partnered with. While not on tour, they join the counter trafficking organization doing casework inside of brothels and red-light districts to find evidence of sex trafficking. The Exodus Road uses that actionable evidence to rescue girls that are trapped in the sex trade and to work with local authorities to make raids on establishments that result in the arrests of traffickers. The Exodus Road has rescued close to 900 individuals from slavery and helped to arrest close to 400 traffickers so far. Included at the event will be special guest speakers including Theresa Flores, who will share her story and the importance to not only educate and save, but to fill a need about human trafficking.Sponsors of the event include; Sanilac Area Violence Elimination Council (SAVE), Sanilac County Child Abuse Prevention Council, and Sanilac County Drug Task Force.
2865 Maywood Drive | Port Huron, MI 48060